Stone Setting Course

Duration: 5 days, 10:00am – 4:00pm

John Russel, a professional stone setter for over 40 years, teaches this extensive 5 day workshop, in which you will experience setting stones in a wide variety of different ways. Settings you will learn include single stone claw, triple stone claw, channel set, emerald cut claw, cluster setting and more!


John Russel comes from a family of stone setters and has been a professional stone setter for many years. He has lectured at the University of Central England and continues to be a professional setter in demand in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to set stones effectively
  • Techniques for a variety of different stone setting styles
  • How to use a graver and scorper
  • How to use a pendant motor to set stones
  • How to drill through metal correctly
  • How to sharpen gravers
  • How to prepare and size a graver

Jewellery you will create:

You will take away a number of beautiful stone set sterling silver rings, all of which you will have set yourself in different styles of settings. Students typically set between 5 to 8 silver rings.

Materials costs:

The only materials cost is for the sterling silver rings and cubic zirconia stones, which are available to purchase from John during the course.

Day 1:

On the first day, you will:

Learn to star set

Learn to use the graver and scorper

Days 2-5:

During the following days, you will set a variety of different types of settings, including single stone, claw, triple claw, cluster and channel set.

You are then given the opportunity to focus on whichever you prefer.

You are also welcome to request any style of setting you desire that has not been mentioned.