Chasing and Repoussé

Duration: 3 days

Despite the striking quality of the work, this course is actually suitable for people of all skill levels.

You will be surprised at what you can achieve!

The Chasing and Repoussé technique involves sculpting the metal using a hammer and Chasing tools. It is a historic, visceral technique that allows you to create strikingly beautiful designs.




Fabrizio Acquafresca is an internationally renowned teacher, who comes from a long line of Florentine artisans. He upholds his family tradition and travels the world teaching the art of Chasing and Repoussé.

He has been working professionally in this medium for over 25 years, creating gold and silver bible covers for the Vatican and the trophy for the San Marino Formula One Grand Prix.



Day 1:

You will sculpt a copper plate into a dragonfly, a beautiful form specially designed by Fabrizio to teach you the core Chasing and Repoussé techniques, including how to use the tools effectively.

You will learn to work with pitch block, a hammer and handmade Chasing tools

Fabrizio will help you to refine your own design, which you bring to work on during day 2.


Day 2:

You will use Chasing ad Repoussé techniques to fashion your own design in your choice of silver or copper.


Day 3:

You will continue to refine your work.

You are given the opportunity to suit the time to your requirements. You may turn your design into a finished item, such as a plaque, name plate or cuff bracelet.



Skills you will learn:

  • How to sculpt silver or copper
  • How to use Chasing and Repoussé tools effectively
  • How to soften and harden silver or copper
  • How to transform your design into a beautiful form
  • How to work with Italian pitch as a base for your metal plates



Jewellery you will create:

  • A beautiful copper dragonfly plate
  • A silver or copper plate, plaque or cuff bracelet, sculpted to your own design


Materials costs:

You are welcome to purchase the metal during the course, or you may bring your own.

If you wish to purchase the metal during the course, please advise us of the size of your design far enough in advance.

If you bring your own metal, please remember that the size should be the same size of your design, with at least 1cm added to every side.


Fabrizio Acquafresca:

More information on Fabrizio and his work is available at his official website: